Are you a new student or parent? Don’t worry, we’ve all been new before too!

Classes are $52/month for one class/week and $27/week for each additional class/week

25% discount for siblings

Best place to start is face-to-face! Come in for a tour, information, and a free gift just for meeting with us! Schedule your meeting today!

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Schedule a Welcome Meeting with Miss Amanda to get a tour, information, a free gift and to get your child signed up for the correct class. She will tell you all necessary attire and information!

On your first day

WELCOME! Most of our parking is street parking, and is accessible on both King and Earl St, across the street at Select, and a block away at the public parking lot. Please plan on arriving 10 minutes prior to your scheduled class time, and when you enter, let the front desk receptionist know you are there for your first time so they can show you where to go. Classes are closed, with the exception of a few parent viewing weeks, to allow for a more productive learning environment.


We hope you or your child enjoys their first class! If you have any questions, there is usually two or more instructors upstairs who would be happy to help you. For younger ones, we usually recommend a minimum of 6 weeks to fully acclimate to the class and expectations. We want to do our best to make this a great experience for you and your child!

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs page for more information.


Confused on Classes? Let us help!


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