Dance Academy is happy to be able to offer the largest selection of dance styles in the area- there is truly something for everyone ages 3 and up to fall in love with!

Beginner Dance (Ages 3-5)

A 45 minute class for ages 3-5, incorporating ballet, tap, and tumbling to introduce all the dance basics. Attire: Dance dress or leotard, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, and tights. Any color clothing is fine.

Hippity Hoppity

A 45 minute class for ages 3-5, hippity hoppity introduces fun, hip hop movements to the youngest of Dance Academy dancers! Attire: Anything comfortable that doesn't restrict movement

Ballet (Ages 5+)

The cornerstone of all dance technique, ballet is a formalized and discipline dance, and Dance Academy emphasizes proper terminology, barrework, adagio, and allegro in all classes. Attire: Any color leotard or sports bra, dance shorts or skirt, tights and pink ballet shoes.

Acrobat (Ages 5+)

Floor gymnastics. Students begin with basic rolls and advance to handsprings, ariels and tucks. Attire: Tight clothing, bare feet. Footless tights must be worn with all shorts.

Jazz (Ages 5+)

An upbeat dance style, works strongly on various leaps, turns, and establishing rhythm to fast-paced movement. Attire: Tight clothing (leotard or sports bra encouraged to see alignment), dance shorts or leggings, tights, and tan jazz shoes.

Hip-Hop (Ages 5+)

A "funky" style genre of dance, similar to movements seen in popular TV shows and music videos. Attire: Anything you can move in and sneakers. Any color.

WorsHip Hop (Age 5+)

Hip hop taught to the newest Christian artists, using hip hop movements as a form of worship!

Contemporary (Ages 6+)

Mixture of jazz, ballet, & modern, works on portraying emotions through dance, leaps and turns, and controlled and sustained movement. Attire: Tight fitting clothing, leotard or sports bra encouraged, tan half sole lyrical shoes.
*Ballet & Jazz are strongly encouraged to be taken in collaboration with lyrical/contemporary since it is based so heavily off of their technique and terminology

Modern (Ages 6+)

Made popular as a counter to ballet in the early 20th century, modern dance works on body contractions, releases, weight sharing, and exploring new ways of moving. Attire: tight fitting clothing, bare feet.

Musical Theater (Ages 8+)

Dancing as done in Broadway shows- explores facial expressions and acting while performing and dancing. Attire: Tight fitting clothing, bare feet or jazz shoes.

Tap (Ages 5+)

Rhythmic movements of the feet while wearing special shoes with metal on the bottom. Attire: Tight fitting clothing, black tap shoes


Ballet done with special shoes that allow them to dance on the tips of the toes. Dancers moved up to pointe by invitation only, only following a year of pre-pointe class- students must be at least 12 and have 3 years ballet experience. Attire: Same as ballet with pink pointe shoes.

Worship Dance

Explores the connection of dance to Christianity- including forms of dance used Biblically and using dance to glorify God.

Competition Team (Ages 5+)

Audition only class that works on dances throughout the year to compete at several local competitions. Competition is the highest level of dedication the studio offers and has rules and expectations beyond regular classes.

Performance Team

Not audition-only, performance only works on dances to perform at local events such as parades and local college games.


Open only to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors: works on elements of choreography and creates student works to perform at the end of the year.


A course following the Alixa Flexbility Modules to help our students become more flexible while protecting their body to dance longer and stronger!


Bollywood dance is the dance-form used in Indian films. It is a mixture of numerous styles. These styles include belly-dancing, kathak, Indian folk, Western popular, and "modern", jazz.

Martial Arts

Our martial arts course explores the basics of karate, kick-boxing, boxing, and basic self defense.


Students will learn the basics of leaping, diving, and falling safely onto obstacles and onto them in a fun environment.


Our acting classes explore how to act for an audience, techniques, improv skills, and audition skills

Homeschool Class

A daytime combo class that explores multiple dance styles