Are you a new student or parent? Don’t worry, we’ve all been new before too!


Our next session is our summer session that runs June 22- Aug 15. We will be closed the week of July 18.

Pricing is drop-in, pay as you go, at $10/class. It’s a great time to try out all we have to offer!



Check the list on the class types page to find attire for the class(es) you are taking. Attire can be purchased in the store located in the studio. Since there will most likely be classes in session prior to your child’s class, we suggest you schedule a tour of the studio with Miss Amanda prior to your first class (we want to avoid disruptions to ongoing classes). We would be happy to show you the facilities in advance. If you have any questions before you arrive, please email Miss Amanda. We also have the handbook online for the year with all the information about the studio policies and guidelines. We also have an app! Download Dance Academy XIV app in your app store to keep up to date and pay bills easily!

On your first day

WELCOME! You may park along the building, the hub city lot to the left of our back entrance, Select, or on the street (parking is free after 5). We have occasionally received tickets for parking in the DGR parking lot – please only park there if you are only sitting in your car waiting for your child. If you enter the double doors of the studio, to your left is our brand new lobby. (If you enter in the back door, you’re already there!) If you go in and veer to the right there is a desk where there should be an office assistant to help answer your questions and give you the paperwork you may still need. For all younger classes, an instructor will come down to accompany your child for class. For mid/older classes, send your child upstairs about 3 minutes prior to their scheduled class time. There is a waiting area upstairs for your child to wait.


We hope you or your child enjoys their first class! If you have any questions, there is usually two or more instructors upstairs who would be happy to help you. We want to do our best to make this a great experience for you and your child!

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs page for more information.