Our Studio

Dance Academy XIV, LLC  is committed to serving the community with affordable and professional dance classes for all ages taught by trained instructors. Everyone who walks through our doors leaves each class a better dancer than before, encouraged to continue and refine their talent.


Our Classes

Dance Academy XIV offers a wide variety of dance classes including ballet, tap, jazz, hiphop, modern, contemporary, acro, beginner dance and more! 

We also offer more than just dance classes! Check out our Ninja, Self Defense and Female Empowerment classes too!

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a great way to improve your dancing skills. Work at your own pace and receive personalized attention from our dedicated instructors. Summer is a great time to add private lessons and work on improving skills and technique!

Free Trial Classes

Not sure if we are a good match for you or which style you want to learn? Free trial classes are available, one free class for each style. For more information, contact us!