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Class Levels & Descriptions

All classes, unless specified, are 45 minutes long.

Toddler & Preschool Age

(Ages 1.5-5)

Emphasis on following directions, learning dance basics, having fun, and making friends! 

Classes Available: 

Dance & Play (Ages 1.5 – 3) – Learn basic dance techniques while having fun playing with scarves, instruments, toys, and more! 

Beginner Dance (Ages 3-5) – Combo class of an introduction to ballet, tap, and tumbling. Ballet and tap shoes are required.

Hippity Hoppity (Ages 3-5) – An intro class to hip hop for our tiny dancers! Sneakers are required.


(Ages 5-8)

Beginner-level dance technique focusing on teaching students terminology and building blocks for higher-level classes.

Level 1 Classes Available:

Ballet – A disciplined form of dance, that teaches the foundation of most styles we teach. By the end of level 1, students know at least 20 French terms and their meanings. Ballet shoes are required

Tap – Teaches rhythm and beat using tap shoes. Tap shoes are required

Jazz – An upbeat class that teaches ballet technique along with leaps, turns, and conditioning. Jazz shoes or toe paws are required.

Acro – Basic floor tumbling, limbering, and flexibility. Bare feet are required.

Hip Hop – Teaches all historical and modern forms of hip hop. Sneakers are required. 

Bollywood – A fusion of traditional Indian dance and jazz and hip hop. Bare feet or toe paws are required.

Musical Theater – Learning improvisation and acting techniques through various games and exercises, along with musical dance techniques. 

Contemporary – A fusion of modern dance and jazz technique. Bare feet or toe paws are required.

Modern – A style of dance that began in the early 1900s. We teach Graham technique and utilize contractions, fall and recovery, as well as improvisation.


(Ages 8-13)


All level 1 classes are offered at a level 2, most are offered at a level 3 & above.


Level 2 Classes Available: 


Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Contemporary, Modern, Musical Theater


Level 3 Classes Available:


Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro, Hip Hop, Contemporary


(Ages 13+)

Levels 4-6 of classes. Advanced classes are placed at the discretion of the instructor.


Advanced Classes Available: 


Pointe – An advanced form of ballet using pointe shoes. This class is by invitation only and dancers are required to take Pre Pointe the summer before taking Pointe. Pointe shoes are required.


Level 4 Classes Available:


Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro, Hip Hop, Contemporary



Level 5 Classes Available:


Ballet, Jazz


Level 6 Classes Available:


Ballet, Jazz

Please note that while we break down our classes and levels by age, dance is not similar to school in the fact that everyone moves up each year. Each dancer progresses at their own pace and we want to ensure they have all the proper building blocks, strength, and skills before progressing to the next level. At the end of each year, teachers provide an evaluation for each dancer on various things such as attitude, technique, skills, retention, etc. Each student is also provided with feedback or comments and a recommendation for the following dance year as to what level of classes to take. 

Adult Classes

 Yoga – A form of meditation and relaxation that focuses on breath control and various postures.


Adult Dance Classes – Offered on a rolling basis and subject to change based on interest. Please contact the studio for availability and details!


Empowerment XIV Classes

Mini Empowerment (Ages 5-7) – This class promotes self-discipline, self-confidence, and age-appropriate self-defense skills in a safe environment. Social skills such as friendships, respectful dissent, and teamwork are also addressed and practiced. (30-Minute Class)

Girls Empowerment (Level 1: Ages 8-13, Level 2: Ages 14-17) – This unique program is a comprehensive approach to safety training that includes awareness, risk reduction, posture, and verbal skills as well as physical skills and provides young girls options in critical moments in which personal space has been violated. Topics are tailored to the age ranges in both Level 1 and Level 2 classes.

Teen Self-Defense (Ages 13-17) – Increase mental & physical strength in a safe environment and overcome the fear of being assaulted while building self-confidence through realistic scenarios. Learn how to work with fear and change it to empowerment. 

Teen & Women’s Kickboxing (Teen: Ages 13-17, Women’s: 18+) – A comprehensive class focusing on the proper form and technique of kickboxing combos, footwork, and partner work. Fun, informative, and excellent for fitness, this class is for women and teens of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels and compliments our empowerment and self-defense classes.


Interested in learning more about Empowerment XIV and what they have to offer? 

Still Not Sure What Class You Should Pick?

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